Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How to get a 30 year old home sold

Here are some great tips on what to do with a 30 year old home to get it to sell for top dollar.

Your home is not in great shape, 30 years old and it looks every day of it. There are some things you must do just to get rid of it, why not do a little more and make some money on the deal. 7 fix ups to help you sell fast and get top dollar.

1)Flooring – Ceramic tile if in good condition consider cleaning and staining the grout for a new fresh look. Replace carpet and padding use good quality not high end. Vinyl flooring if not newer replace. Hardwood floors scratched dull no shine refinish.

2)Curb Appeal – Dress up the landscape add mulch at all planting areas shape into curved borders, use to cover around all trees spread wide and cover bare areas. The mulch will help define the landscape, add flowers and shrubs, cut and edge lawn. Keep trim and turn mulch for fresh appearance.

3)Appliances and Mechanical Systems – If your appliances are more than 10 years old replace them they don’t work efficiently and are way out of style. No need to buy high end but they must be high style. Match all kitchen appliances pick a contemporary look. No doubt the mechanical systems are big ticket items a 30 year old a/c unit must go, air handler unit compare cost of refurbish versus replacement. Water heater should have been replaced 10 years earlier if not replace.

4)Exterior Problems – Roof is way past its life span (the buyers home inspector or Bank appraiser will require it to be replaced, so why not do it before at a cost you can negotiate) replace roof use Architectural grade shingles costs more in material but the labor is the same. Replace any damaged or rotted wood including decks and porches. Repaint exterior siding, trim, windows and shutters.

5)Doors and Windows – Make sure every one is operating properly it is well worth the cost to have a contractor come in and make everything work. New window balances, locks, replace broken and fogged glass, adjust all doors, thresholds, and locksets. Patio sliders always are misaligned replace rollers for better operation, install new screen.

6)Kitchens and Baths – Your counter tops are beat up replace or refinish. Wood cabinets can be repainted or refinished, change out hardware new door handles and drawer pulls. Replace faucets with new contemporary look. Check light fixtures there are great low cost designer fixtures at the big box stores.

7)Walls and Ceilings - Repaint every room paint walls and trim in complementary neutral 2-color. Paint ceilings white. Paint all doors both sides same as trim. Make house as fresh and new as possible.

Every item on this list will affect your listing agent their market analysis and suggested list price of your home. They each will affect the buyer and the buyer’s agent in what the offer price will be. Even if they over look some items when the home inspector comes in they will nail every one of these repairs with an estimated cost of two to three times the actual cost you can negotiate.

This home in 30 year old condition will sell at 20% below the market with these fix ups as a top condition home with warranties you can get 10% to 15% above the market. A 35% difference and a great part of that stays in your pocket.

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