Saturday, December 03, 2005

Getting ready to move - Mortgages

If you are planning to move now or sometime in the near future then now would be a good time to visit the bank and mortgage broker.

Even though you will not have to fund your mortgage or refinance your mortgage for a few months yet it is good to get your self preapproved for a mortgage and get a good rate in case mortgage rates go up in the next few months.

Most banks and trust companies will lock your mortgage rate for a few months and this way as you shop for a new home you will know what the maximum will be for your mortgage payments

The other thing to do besides visiting the bank is to talk to a mortgage broker. Your mortgage broker can often get you a better rate for a mortgage because he or she goes through all the banks and trust companies to get the best rates and terms. A mortgage broker is paid a commission by the bank or trust company when you fund your mortage but don't worry you will still get a better rate then you would shopping on your own for a mortgage.

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