Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dealing with the movers when you move

Here's 8 tips from the consumerist to help make your next move smoother, and help nip customer/company disputes in the bud, provided by Tiffany of ASAP Van Lines:

1. Read Your Order For Service. If something is listed as an additional cost, that means they can possibly charge you that the day of the move. Whatever a sales person promises, get it in writing on your order for service.

2. You can accompany your mover to the weight scale to verify your weight when they leave your pick up.

3. Movers do need to pack items safely in order to assure the same condition on delivery as from pick up. Make sure your items are packed or you know their packing charges if you choose not to pack your own.

4. Update your items list 72 hours before your move to ensure the most accurate weight....

5. You are always allowed a reweigh [ed. which you can either request with the company or contact your state weights and measures department] ...Weight is much more accurate then cubic feet and most states are not allowed to work by cubic feet.

6. Boxes add more weight, if you tell a sales person you have 20 boxes and the movers pick up 100....your weight can change considerably. Example 80 boxes at an average 20lbs are 1,600lbs.

7. Moving companies have legally 30 days to deliver you items but the general delivery spread is 7-21 business days. If you are not paying for an expedited shipment, understand they cannot always guarantee a specific day, only a delivery spread.

8. Content of boxes need to be verified for shipment if they are valued over $100. If you are moving dvd players, dvds, game systems, etc., show the movers and make sure it is labeled on the inventory.

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