Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just a little note about some new sites I have created

I have been working feverishly to create a bunch of great sites with some content that everyone will find useful in one way or another

Car maintenance and buying tips
Everyone owns a car right? Well I ride a bike but it is nice to know what to look for when buying or maintianing your car

Dogs and dog resources site
Pets anyone? I love dogs as do millions of other people. Here is some great stuff for all you dog lovers

Fly fishing site
Fishing is one of North Americas most popular outdoor pastimes

Computer and telephone headset resource
Telephone headsets from Plantronics and a host of other companies are a great way to be hands free while working and talking

Healthy benfits of herbs site
I take some herbs but there are many people that knwo a lot more about them than I do

Nursing careers and nursing resources
Nursing is one of the real growth industries now and as baby boomers retire over the next few years. An aging population is looking for nurses and they are in short supply

Hotels in Prague Czech republic
Prague is a beautiful city with many large and very old historic hotels. Why not stay at one on your next trip to europe

Mystery shopping for fun and profit
Mystery shopping is when you go to stores as a prospective customer and help the business rate it's sales staff. Easy work but very rewarding and fun.

Filling our surveys to make money
we hjave all seen surveys on the internet. what are they and can you really make money from them?

Webtips for Internet Marketing
Internet marketing is an exciting business and a great way to make a residual income.

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