Monday, February 13, 2006

Real Estate Investment

Many people are interested in becoming real estate tycoons like Donald Trump. There are many ways to make money in real estate but the very best way is to become a real estate investor. To become a real estate investor you must do the following.

1. Buy a property with low or no money down
2. Rent out the property
3. Take the extra monthly income and buy another property
4. Repeat until you have a ton of houses

The key to this process is to buy a house with as little money as possible and also to make sure that your mortgage, tax and other costs are paid for by the renter that you have put into the house or apartment. For most people to do this they need to have some seed money, this in this day and age is difficult as you will need a lot of money to get into the market. The following books will show you how to buy properties with no money down.

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There are a lot of scams out there to try to part you from your money so watch out.. The next thing that you have to work on is finding these properties. Often the best markets for buying investment properties are out of major cities as what you are looking for is a low purchase price so your monthly costs are low. When you have more money coming in from your renter then you have to pay out for the property then you are in a position known as positive cash flow. Positive cash flow is the holy grail of real estate investing as it allows you to go as long as you want with your property without putting money into it.

Good luck with your new real estate investment business!

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